Month: July 2013

Every Summer Has a Story

You’ve heard the stories of grand summer vacations and surreal summer romances. Co-workers keep you cornered in the coffee room each fall to tell them. High school lunchrooms and college dorms are brimming with them every September. Next year, make

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New Commitment to Online Education

Dr. Peter N. Stearns, Provost. Photo Courtesy of Creative Services, George Mason University. “This will be an important year for distance education at Mason,” declares George Mason University Provost Peter N. Stearns in his blog post “The Distance Challenge”. In

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Journey through the Solar System – ASTR 111 Online

“As students study the Solar System, they learn the value of the Earth. It is the only planet known to support life. Learning about the Solar System should give students a feeling of responsibility to care for the Earth,” explains

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