Meet the Digital Learning Team

Our team is here to serve anyone interested in online courses and programs at Mason, including current and prospective students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Whether you are a student looking to enroll online or a faculty member interested in developing online versions of your courses or programs, we are happy to assist you.

Stephen NodineSteve Nodine Headshot


As digital teaching and learning initiatives continue to expand and grow at Mason, Steve collaborates with University leadership to coordinate and develop strategic planning efforts. Additionally, Steve leads ODL in pursuing our office goals of increased support and services for online faculty and students.

Steve received his PhD in Forestry from Clemson University. He has served as a faculty training coordinator, distance education specialist, faculty mentor, instructional designer, instructional design manager, and faculty member in both online and face-to-face classrooms. He has advised faculty from all disciplines as they work to incorporate digital tools effectively into blended and online courses.

Key Strengths: Maximizer, Positivity, Arranger, Individualization, Developer

Laura Phelps

Assistant Director, Online Student Services and Communications

As ODL expands its support and services, Laura focuses on the coordination and implementation of a robust and integrated online student services program. She also leads communication planning to unify office messaging regarding recruitment, curriculum development, and institutional support. With over 15 years in higher education administration, Laura has experience in strategic planning, data analysis and reporting, assessment, and organization and leadership development.

Laura received her MS in Organization Development and Knowledge Management from Mason. As an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), she pursues her passion for coaching others in creating positive, lasting change and leading fulfilling personal and professional lives.

Key Strengths: Empathy, Relator, Individualization, Developer, Connectedness

Darlene SmucnyDarlene Smucny Headshot

Assistant Director, Quality in Online Instruction

Darlene oversees the online course peer review process at Mason and assists departments with customized course and program reviews. Her focus is quality in online courses and programs, with an emphasis on faculty development, services, and support. Offering an experienced instructor’s perspective of online teaching and learning, Darlene can share guidance, tips, and resources for getting started and actionable feedback for course improvement.

Darlene received her PhD in Anthropology from UCLA. Prior to Mason, she worked at University of Maryland University College, where she designed and taught fully online courses and managed online faculty in the social sciences undergraduate program.

Key Strengths: Learner, Ideation, Intellection, Input, Individualization

Constance HarrisConstance Harris Headshot

Assistant Director, Instructional Design

As manager of ODL’s instructional design team, Constance assigns course design and development projects to instructional designers. Her leadership ensures integrity and excellence in all phases of course development work with faculty members for online, blended, and face-to-face courses. Constance also collaborates with partners throughout the university community to strategically promote and support effective teaching practices.

Constance earned her PhD in Learning Design and Technology from Purdue University. Her research interests include social network analysis, project-based learning, and problem-based learning. Prior to Mason, she worked in the private sector and as an educational technologist and instructional designer at Purdue University.

Key Strengths: Learner, Harmony, Developer, Positivity, Includer

Larisa OlesovaLarisa Olesova Headshot

Senior Instructional Designer

With over 20 years of teaching experience in the U.S. and Russia, Larisa has expertise in the traditional classroom and online. Her professional and research interests focus on distance education, working with faculty on aspects such as online presence, the Community of Inquiry (CoI), instructional strategies, and best practices in online teaching.

Her published works include Feedback in Online Course for Non-Native English-Speaking Students, chapters in Creating Teacher Immediacy in Online Learning Environments and Assessment in Online and Blended Learning Environments, and articles in various online education journals. Larisa received her PhD in Learning Design and Technology from Purdue University.

Key Strengths: Strategic, Maximizer, Ideation, Significance, Focus

Katrina JosephKatrina Joseph Headshot

Instructional Designer

A member of the Mason community for ten years, Katrina has more than 20 years of experience in the eLearning industry, including design and development, videoconference network management, and corporate training video production. Her specialties include: instructional design and development, faculty professional development, interactive multimedia, simulations, synchronous learning tools, IT training and consultation, active learning, instructor presence, game design, web design and accessibility, 3D printing, learning management systems, web conferencing, video production, and project management.

Katrina holds a MS in Telecommunications, and she is currently a PhD candidate specializing in instructional technology with a research focus in educational game design.

Key Strengths: Positivity, Activator, Connectedness, Learner, Arranger

Ying-Ying Kuo


Instructional Designer

In her role, Ying-Ying Kuo often highlights the importance of integrating technology to support pedagogy and learning outcomes in design. Her designs promise efficient and effective online teaching and learning as well as course management. Her biggest reward comes from instructors and students who become proficient in teaching and learning in the digital world.

Ying-Ying received her EdD in Technology Education from West Virginia University. She is interested in complex educational topics using data derived from surveys, Blackboard, and instructional documents. She has devoted herself to educational research that will assist educators and ensure quality in online courses and programs.

Key Strengths: Learner, Achiever, Relator, Strategic, Responsibility

Rick ReoRick Reo

Instructional Designer

Rick supports faculty developing and teaching online, hybrid, and ground-based courses. He provides broad-range support for instructional technology at Mason’s Science and Technology Campus, including one-on-one instructional design consultations, faculty and support staff training, and project management. Rick has taught online and face-to-face for over ten years, and he is a regular instructor of the Online Course Development Institute (OCDI) and other faculty professional development workshops.

Rick holds a MA in Cultural Anthropology and a MEd in Instructional Design and Development. His pedagogic interests include designing global collaborative classroom courses, developing social media learning activities, and designing authentic learning strategies.

Key Strengths: Ideation, Input, Intellection, Adaptability, Futuristic


Susan CampbellSusan Campbell Headshot

Learning Technologies Analyst

For over 34 years, Susan has held roles as instructional designer, instructional technologist, training manager, and trainer. With many of these years at Mason, she has provided services to every academic department and has been a guest lecturer across disciplines. Susan collaborates with faculty members and teaching assistants to design and develop successful online courses, technology-integrated components of face-to-face courses, and effective classroom management strategies.

Susan holds a BS in Community Services from Virginia Commonwealth University with expertise in establishing and implementing service-oriented programs in the public sector. She is certified as a Blended Learning Designer and Sloan-C Online Teacher.

Key Strengths: Strategic, Intellection, Adaptability, Input, Empathy


Monisha TripathyMonisha Tripathy Headshot

Instructional Designer

Monisha brings over fifteen years of work experience in instructional design, training, and quality assurance, with application in both higher education and corporate settings. In her role, she provides design support to Mason faculty members who are teaching classes online. She also assists with curriculum planning, provides ongoing support to ensure learner-centric instruction, and engages in the online course review process, working with faculty members on continuous course improvement efforts.

Monisha received her MEd in Instructional Design and Technology from Mason. Her specialties and professional interests include curriculum development, adult learning theory, online class development, online instruction, and quality assurance.

Key Strengths: Communication, Arranger, Relator, Positivity, Harmony


Sandra PriceSandra Price Headshot

Office Manager

With over eighteen years of administrative experience, Sandra has been a vital part of Mason’s community since 2007. She provides operational support to ODL leadership and staff, coordinates event and scheduling support, and serves as liaison between the office and administrative units, academic departments, and external partners. Additionally, Sandra provides guidance to current and prospective online students interested in the Mason Online experience, engaging through phone or email inquiries and student outreach events.

Sandra earned her BA in English from Mason. She is currently pursuing her MEd in Special Education, with an interest in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Key Strengths: Empathy, Connectedness, Developer, Restorative, Adaptability