Program Description

The online master’s in Data Analytics Engineering degree provides the deep statistical knowledge and technical savviness you need to step into a data scientist, engineer or analyst role in just 18 months.

You’ll learn to deliver a process that transforms raw data and place it into a decision-making context, and to use technology to create informed strategies and smart systems.

The coursework in the master’s in data analytics program is developed by faculty who, as part of their efforts to offer a career-based program, meet regularly with an industry-expert advisory committee.

Real-world learning assignments focus on:

  • Professional curiosity and engagement
  • Emerging tools and methods surveillance
  • Special reading assignments
  • Class workshops/special lectures
  • Additional training through numerous online resources

Learn In a Top-Ranked School

George Mason’s Volgenau School of Engineering has worked with big data and cybersecurity for more than 25 years. It’s led by faculty with rich industry experience and connections who draw upon both to teach a proven, career-focused curriculum.

  • The 20 Best Schools to Study Big Data Analytics — TechRepublic, March 2016
  • Top 50 Best-Value, Big Data Graduate Programs — Value Colleges, 2018

Application Deadline

The MS in Data Analytics Engineering online program accepts applications on a rolling basis and is currently accepting applications. Applicants for the online program should apply here. Applicants for the on-campus data analytics program should apply here.

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Program Summary

100 Percent Online

Program: Data Analytics Engineering (MS)

Degree: MS

College/School: Volgenau School of Engineering

Credits: 30 total

Who should apply?

The detailed, experiential program is best for professionals who seek a career managing big data. They’ll take on roles with titles such as data scientist, engineer, or analyst, seeking to create systems and extract data sets that can be turned into strategic solutions. The ideal candidate will have strong math skills. While no specific undergraduate degree is required, a background in engineering, business, computer science, statistics, or information technology is desirable.

Why choose Mason?

  • George Mason’s Volgenau School of Engineering has worked with big data and cybersecurity for more than 25 years.
  • The program is top-ranked. It was named “The 20 Best Schools to Study Big Data Analytics” by the TechRepublic in March 2016 and one of the “Top 50 Best-Value, Big Data Graduate Programs” by Value Colleges in 2018.
  • The program’s online format allows the best analytical professionals to learn and advance this science together.
  • You can earn your degree in just 18 months and be on your way to advancing to roles like data scientist, engineer, or analyst.
  • World-renowned faculty with industry experience teach a career-focused curriculum that provides deep conceptual and practical knowledge.

Program requirements for the online MS in Data Analytics Engineering program are subject to change.

Requirements: 30 total credit hours

  • 15 credits in required courses
  • 15 credits in elective courses

Required Courses

  • AIT 580 – Analytics: Big Data to Information I 3 credits
  • CS 504 – Principles of Data Management and Mining I 3 credits
    or CS 584 – Theory and Applications of Data Mining I 3 credits
  • DAEN 690 – Data Analytics Project I 3 credits
    or OR 531 – Analytics and Decision Analysis I 3 credits
  • STAT 515 – Applied Statistics and Visualization for Analytics OR STAT 554 – Applied Statistics I I 3 credits

Electives— Select 5

  • AIT 614 – Big Data Essentials I 3 credits
  • ECE 527 – Learning From Data (Machine Learning) I 3 credits
  • SYST 664 – Bayesian Inference and Decision Theory I 3 credits
  • SYST 568 – Applied Predictive Analytics I 3 credits
  • AIT 664 – Information Representation, Processing and Visualization I 3 credits
  • SYST 524 – Decision Support Systems Engineering I 3 credits
  • AIT 624 – Knowledge Mining from Big Data I 3 credits
  • SYST 573 – Decision and Risk Analysis I 3 credits
  • SYST 584 – Heterogeneous Data Fusion I 3 credits
  • AIT724 – Data Analytics in Social Media I 3 credits

Tuition & Fees (2017-2018)

Tuition is $930.00 per credit hour. An additional charge of $35 per credit hour applies for a distance education fee.

Financial Aid

For information on loans and scholarships, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid. For information regarding grants, tuition waivers and other merit aid, please inquire with your graduate department.

The online MS in Data Analytics Engineering program combines strong foundational concepts and technical savvy so you can produce actionable solutions from large data sets in your chosen field.

Graduates find work in:

  • All sectors: private, government, profit, and non-profit
  • Information Science Technology, Systems Engineering, and Statistic industries
  • Data scientist, engineering and analyst roles in any field

Data Scientist vs. Data Analyst Titles

Though the titles can often share or overlap responsibilities, and are sometimes used to mean the same thing, in the strictest definitions, data scientists and data analysts are different roles. Mason’s online master’s in Data Analytics Engineering prepares you for both.

  • Data Scientists design the systems for handling data. They have a strong background in computer science and experience in building systems.
  • Data Analysts are generally subject matter experts. They have input into the systems that are designed, but their job is to mine the systems and leverage them to produce actionable strategy.

If you are unable to find the answers to your questions, submit a Request For Information form or contact our admissions representative via the contact information below.

Phone: 844-851-0923

How do I apply?

Applicants for the online program should apply here. Applicants for the on-campus program should apply here.


Can I take courses without applying?

Only students who are admitted to the Master of Science in Data Analytics Engineering program may take classes in the program.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The online MS in Data Analytics Engineering degree is 30 credit hours and can be completed in 18 months.

How much does the program cost?

Tuition is $930.00 per credit hour. An additional charge of $35 per credit hour applies for a distance education fee.

When are classes held?

Online classes are offered in an asynchronous format, meaning they can be viewed interactively at your convenience. However, students still must meet all study and deliverable requirements and deadlines.

What accreditation does George Mason hold?

George Mason University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees.

How much does it cost to apply?

While there is a $75 application fee, there are multiple times throughout the year that it may be waived.