Program Description

This 12-credit certificate prepares teachers, building-level and district-level leaders to create, analyze and interpret a variety of student performance assessments in order to improve instruction and student learning. The four carefully-sequenced courses for the certificate focus on developing meaningful teacher-created and classroom-based student assessments, interpreting both informal and formal assessment data, and using those data in making curricular decisions. Practicing teachers and other school leaders have the opportunity to apply assessment and decision-making skills to their own classrooms or schools.

What it costs

The cost is $707.00 per credit hour for VA state residents, $907.00 per credit hour for Non-VA residents, and $609.20 per credit hour for VA state residents who are eligible and apply for the 15% PreK-12 VA Educators Discount. See the Cost tab below for a breakdown of tuition and fees. All of Mason’s tuition rates and fees can be found on our Student Accounts site.

Application Deadline

For all application information and deadlines, see the CEHD Admissions page. 

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Program Summary

100 Percent Online

Program: Education Assessment, Evaluation, and Data Literacy

Degree: Graduate Certificate

College/School: College of Education and Human Development

Credits: 12 total

Why earn an Education Assessment, Evaluation, and Data Literacy graduate certificate with a concentration in Data Literacy?


  • Understand how to use data to answer questions about student academic achievement and/or behavior
  • Understand when and how to use different measurement strategies
  • Become a better consumer of data:
    • as a classroom teacher
    • as a school administrator
    • as an instructional coach
    • as a test coordinator
  • Apply courses toward recertification for teacher licensure
  • Transfer up to 12 credit hours into the Master’s degree in Educational Psychology (with permission from academic coordinator)

Skill Development in:

  • Data collection, analysis, interpretation, and use of results for decision making
  • Development and application of formative assessments for self-selected areas of instruction
  • Reporting of assessment results to pertinent stakeholders
  • Use of appropriate evaluation methods for DDDM

School-based Cohort:

  • Cohorts geared toward the classroom or district level (e.g., teacher, school administrator)
  • Flexible instructional delivery
  • Content specific cohorts ( e.g., special education, science, math, other)
  • Problem-based learning experiences
  • Application of skills to real-world problems
  • Courses taught by the faculty in the Educational Psychology Program
  • Qualified public school personnel may co-teach courses when applicable
  • Learn to provide data-driven instruction to improve student success

Program requirements may change; please refer to the Mason Course Catalog for the most up-to-date requirements.

Certificate Requirements

Total credits: 12

This certificate may be pursued on a part-time basis only.

Required Courses

  • EDEP 591 Data-Driven Decision Making for Continuous Educational Improvement | 3 credits
  • EDEP 592 Data-Driven Decision-Making: Development of Assessments | 3 credits
  • EDEP 593 Data-Driven Decision Making: Analysis and Interpretation of Assessment Data | 3 credits
  • EDEP 594 Data-Driven Decision-Making Application in Education Contexts | 3 credits

Tuition (2019-2020)

Virginia Resident$543.00
Non-Virginia Resident $743.00
Mandatory Student fee $150.25
Total Cost for Virginia Residents per Credit $693.25
Total Cost for Non-Virginia Residents per Credit $893.25
Graduate New Student Fee$60 (non-refundable, one-time fee)

Please Note:  Please refer to the Students Accounts Office website for more information on tuition and fees. Internship courses will incur a higher CEHD course fee to fund on-site assistance involving intensive clinical training/supervision.

*VA state residents who are eligible must apply for the 15% PreK-12 VA Educators Discount in order to take advantage of the lower tuition. Discount applies to tuition and mandatory student fees only.

Financial Aid

For information on loans and scholarships, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid. For information regarding grants, tuition waivers and other merit aid, please inquire with your graduate department. Also, many school districts offer tuition reimbursement options. Speak to your employer for more information.

  • Community college instructor
  • Consultant in testing and research settings (e.g., schools, industry, and government)
  • Curriculum specialist
  • Data analyst (e.g., schools, industry, and government)
  • Evaluation and research specialist in school districts in central accountability offices
  • Project manager (e.g., assessment and training of employees)
  • Research assistant or associate on grant-funded research teams
  • Researcher on program development, evaluation, and assessment
  • Supervisor of assessment and planning
  • Academic assessment officer in higher education settings
  • Independent consultant
Program Contact Divya Varier
Phone: (703) 993-5047
Academic Advising Phone: (703) 993-3679
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Educational Psychology
Graduate School of Education
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Fairfax, VA 22030-4444
Fax: (703) 993-3678

For policies governing all graduate certificates, see AP.6.8 Requirements for Graduate Certificates.

All applicants should review the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) Admissions page.

Application Materials

  • Graduate application
  • Application fee
  • Goals statement (750-1000 words) that addresses reasons for choosing this program
  • Two sealed official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended (applicants do not need to send in transcripts for courses taken at George Mason University)
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Departmental Form

If you have any questions during the application process, please contact the CEHD Admissions Office at or (703) 993-2010.