Having a degree in economics prepares students for a wide variety of exciting career options and choosing the program at George Mason University has a number of distinct advantages for our students. To begin to understand the full potential of our academic program, please explore the Why Should I Study Economics? page to understand all of the benefits of an economics major.

The BS in Economics provides a stronger emphasis on quantitative analysis. You will be well prepared for a career as an analyst in government, consulting, trade associations, or other private sector positions, and for graduate school in economics or more quantitative business administration programs.

The BA in Economics is designed for students with a strong interest in a broad education in the liberal arts tradition. The course work emphasizes a well-rounded undergraduate education with opportunities develop your critical thinking skills, language proficiency, and writing ability. These learning outcomes are particularly valuable for law school or graduate programs in business or public administration.

What it costs

All of Mason’s tuition rates and fees can be found on our Student Accounts site.

Application Deadline

For all application information and deadlines, see the Admissions site.

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Program Summary

100 Percent Online

Program: Economics

Degree: Undergraduate

College/School: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Credits: 120 total

Who should apply?

Students who are interested in all of the exciting opportunities that Mason’s degree program in economics has to offer but need the added flexibility of a 100% online degree program.

Why choose George Mason?

It is truly an exciting opportunity to be able to continue your study of economics here at George Mason University. Our programs are filled with talented faculty and engaged students who are ready to apply the unique insights from our discipline to tackle the most pressing issues in modern society. We are confident that the knowledge and skill that are acquired in our programs will be useful to a wide-variety of professional applications.

Various course and lab fees may be assessed depending on the course(s) in which the student is enrolled. Please refer to the Students Accounts Office website for more information on tuition and fees.

For information on loans and scholarships, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid. For information regarding grants, tuition waivers and other merit aid, please inquire with your graduate department. Additionally, your current employer may provide tuition reimbursement opportunities for graduate studies.

Our majors achieve success in a range of careers. They are financial analysts and economic forecasters, lawyers, managers, researchers in government, think tanks, and non-profits, entrepreneurs—even medical professionals and musicians. The great benefit of an economics degree is its versatility. It is wonderful stepping stone to rewarding careers and excellent preparation for challenging graduate school programs in business, law, public policy, and economics.


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